About Us

Who we are?

Fairylocus is a sustainable jewelry design company. Our mission is to deliver ladies with long-lasting jewelry, say goodbye to short term inferior jewelry. We want to provide more high-end jewelry at reasonable prices for all our audience.
Fairylocus believe in jewelry as an expression of ourself: that it can mean whatever you want; that you can wear it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever when you want.

FairyLocus Concept

The brand is committed to the diversity of materials, exploring the characteristics of materials to maximize their use.
Rooted in quality, abandon meaningless stacking, pursue a higher sense of design, and constantly explore the plasticity of materials.
The design inspiration mostly comes from the Victorian style and the designer's understanding of life and they believe elegant life is an attitude.
Express your view of the world with the unique narrative of jewelry.
With the skillful application of gold, silver, pearls and various natural gemstones, it sets off the fusion of sensibility and rationality
The works are sometimes delicate and French, and sometimes modern and exaggerated. It is full of contradictions between classical and avant-garde, tough and soft, cordial and evil.


Our Blessing

Maybe in the adult world
There is no fairytale perfection
ove and be true to yourself
Beyond form
To be what you want to become
May you have a sweet shopping experience in Fairylocus!